About Us : The Best Homey Cafe

The most homey cafe with homemade foods in the town. You don’t have to be worry with your jeans and t-shirt because you can really come in it!

  • Our appetizers are the most enjoyable stuff for your bad day, school reunion, or simply a day off time.
  • Our main dishes are specializes in homemade products with good quality and high standards of hygiene.
  • Our drinks and beverages are ready to built up the tiring day and boost the energy up.

313.CAFE has been serving up some kind of dishes in the most comfy corner in the town. We have created the menu based on our customers’ favorite and will keep adding some new lovely dish on the menu in the upcoming time.

The menu is prepared simply with the freshest goods and the best Grandma’s recipes. Since day one, 313.CAFE does serve the food in sustainable and original taste. Our mission is to make the cafe as your most favorite zone and the food as the most wanted homemade food.

Whether you have a few hours to sit and catch up with friends or a community gathering, 313.CAFE has the range to make sure your taste and time spending are met.

We also offer a large range of Catering options, which can be ordered by contacting us at the official email cs@313.cafe or please click here.

We would like to appreciate our loyal customers by giving monthly offers. The offers are posted here and also at our official Instagram @313dotcafe. Feel free to check it and send us a message for any inquiries. We’d love to help you.

Thank you for reading and we wish to see you around soon!